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Nine West Outlet

I have to be honest here; I’ve never been interested in designer labels. In fact, I’d rather be beaten, tortured, and repeatedly murdered in the most gruesome, hideous ways imaginable than to be forced to discuss designer anything. Given the increasingly gory content in the movies, and television shows, that’s saying something. I also have to admit that, after viewing some of the Nine West Outlet selections, my previously dormant inner diva has stirred, a little.

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It’s not that I’m adamantly opposed to designer clothing, and accessories. It’s my understanding that I may even change my mind if I truly understood the quality, construction, and comfort some designers incorporate into their selections. Designers are every bit the legitimate artists that painters; sculptors; composers; actors (no, not reality TV “celebrities”); musicians; and singers are (except, of course, those performing traditional, twangy country-western my wife left me, the dog ate the last bone, my house burned down, and my truck ran away…wait, that can’t be right…music). I willingly concede that many time-honored country-western fiddlers and guitarists were incredibly talented. The late designer, Alexander McQueen, for example, was a true artist.

As with any genre of professional artistry, there are a select few with genuine talent, and a zillion wannabes. When I was a teenager, my aunt took me to the Metropolitan Museum to see the Matisse Cutouts. Although there are many amazing Matisse creations, this particular exhibit was nothing more than paper flowers glued to butcher paper. Honestly, a five year old could have done as well, yet my aunt insisted on engaging in a very long, extremely pompous discussion with several of the other spectators about the lines, colors, abstract meaning, and sheer genius of the pieces. Seriously? I see construction paper flowers pasted on butcher paper. In my mind, people are often caught up in designer mania in much the same way. I don’t think I’m missing something here, it’s butcher paper. If nothing else, the Project Runway Miss Trinidad debacle totally proves my point.

If I’m going to spend hundreds of dollars for a single item, I want something unique. Ok, since we’re being honest here, if had hundreds of dollars to spend on a single item, I would want something unique, representative of my personality, and style, and designed by someone with a genuine talent for comprehending the beauty of color, texture, and patterns. Although most of the selections are tailored for mass production, and typical of the many styles already worn by the masses, the Nine West Outlet also offers items that embrace the artistic element of designer accessories.

Zappos  and Amazon carries Aldo shoes for men, and women,as well as Nine West Boots. The “BeAlright” sandal line is stylish, chic, and features a cork sole available in several unique patterns, with metallic flakes. “Theonlyone” is also a distinctive sandal, featuring a multi-colored, geometric pattern on the sole of the shoe. Sadly, most of the sandal reviewers planned to return their purchases, commenting that the shoes are quite uncomfortable, lacking in support, and binding, rubbing, or ill fitting in key areas. Reviewers mentioned similar issues with the traditional pump styles. On the other hand, although the website doesn’t mention the height of the heel, these appear to be at least four or five inches. I’ve never found any shoe, designer or otherwise, with a heel this high to be comfortable, ever. In general, they’re torturous. If I were a masochist, I might find that appealing. I’ve always been more of a pragmatist. The older I get, the more I favor comfort, and practicality over being stylish. DSW appears to have slightly better prices than other sites, and carries the more unique of the Nine West selections. They offer many, very artistic sneakers, including several high-heeled wedge versions, and high tops. Selections range from the excessively adorable, or somewhat funky, to full on bling. They’re anything but boring, traditional, cookie cutter designs.

Obviously, my budget does not allow for expensive designer originals. If we’re being strictly honest, I rarely splurge on $20 Wal-Mart specials. Then again, that’s due, in part, because I’m excessively frugal. My practical tendencies need a good reason to justify the added expense. Although the promotional sales of Nine West products at department stores, Macys, and Nordstrom among them, as well as Nine West Outlet coupons increase affordability, thus far I’ve read few reviews that mention a level of quality or comfort that would satisfy my sensibilities. Additionally, as seems to be the common snobbery among many designers, women must have a petite bone structure to be able to wear these boots, and shoes. In this case, that means no fat feet, or muscular calves allowed.

Although there are plenty of Nine West outlets, and promotional sales, a Nine West coupon is a little harder to come by. Several sites offer printable coupons, and online promotional codes, but I have difficulty trusting that they’re legitimate. Often, the codes have expired, or customers sharing them don’t realize that they can only be used one time, or have been issued to a specific person or account. More often than not, this kind of site unintentionally fails to provide reliable information, but it’s worth a try. In general, sale prices offer a great deal of savings as it is. If you prefer to visit a Nine West Outlet in person, there are hundreds of locations listed on the web, each one well worth the drive.